B-Side Spotlight: July Edition

Hello, and welcome to another edition of B-Side Spotlight, AKA ‘Can I Bop To It?’ (unofficial, as in so unofficial I made it up just now). The trick is, of course, that you can always bop to anything if you try hard enough. Anyway, enjoy!

Irene & Seulgi – “Jelly”

Starting out with my favourite song on the whole list, because why not? I have listened to this song on repeat all last month and it is the Best Bop On The List.

EXO-SC – “Rodeo Station”

Can I bop to it? Yes absolutely. The vocal effect is a little bit grating but all in all this song is pretty sweet and I don’t have a lot to complain about. Honourable mention to the smooth bossa vibes of “Say It” (ft. PENOMECO), also.

Eric Nam – “Love Die Young”

I keep saying I’m not a ballad fan, and I stand by the fact that this isn’t…full ballad? A whole ballad? Either way, this song is Eric Nam as I tend to think of him, with his amazing vocals fully on show.

ATEEZ – “To The Beat”

Not only can you can absolutely bop to this, you are almost required to – although you might need a break afterwards and you WILL be annoyed when you get the high-pitched “to the beat, to the beat, move your body to the beat” stuck in your head.

GFRIEND – “Creme Brulee”

Girl groups continue to own summer – this song is super playful, with a sweet, bouncy beat. A top tier girl group summer jam.

VERIVERY – “Beautiful-x”

God, I just love this so much. This VERIVERY track is definitely my favourite boy group b-side on the list, and I almost immediately put it on my personal monthly place the first time I heard it.

Jeong Sewoon – “Beeeee”

Did I pick this song just because of the name? Not quite, but I could easily have been convinced.

TOO – “Step By Step”

I’m entirely too easy for boy group tracks with eighties vibes and some chromatic melodies, so this one was a no-brainer. I’m looking forward to more from TOO.

SF9 – “All Day All Night”

I’m a not-so-secret SF9 fan – they rarely ever disappoint me when they release something, and this mini is no exception. Do I think it’s their best ever? No, but it’s summer, so who even cares? As long as (you guessed it) I can bop to it, I’m all good.

…and that’s it! Thanks for reading, and be sure to let me know about any b-sides you really loved during July. Happy streaming!

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