BTS take home 4 awards at the 2020 VMAs led by “On”, perform “Dynamite”

BTS is having a hell of a night at MTV’s Video Music Awards, winning awards for Best Group and Best K-Pop, Best Choreography, and probably most importantly for Best Pop, all for “On”.

“On” wasn’t my favorite song from them, though the choreography was indeed cool and aside from maybe Best Pop them winning wasn’t all that much of a surprise.

What I was looking forward to though was their performance for the VMAs.

Yeah, “Dynamite” still works just fine for me. It’s not one of their standouts, as I said in the review, due to minor chorus shortcomings, but it’s just a lot of fun. And it’s disco, which provides hope that some Crayon Pop-esque nugu group will adopt that genre again. Win-win.

Also in K-pop, BLACKPINK claimed a Song Of The Summer Award.


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