Dreamcatcher perform “BOCA” in different formats for M2, Esquire Korea, Piki Pictures + dance practice

Since my music show recap for Dreamcatcher’s “BOCA” promotions was late, and since Dreamcatcher Company already released the initial reward for the music video views goal, I thought I’d wait until the latter two were dropped. Well, a decade later and no such luck (probably since they didn’t expect the goals to be hit so soon), so time to get on with it.


Dance Practice

M2 Relay Dance

Esquire Korea

Piki Pictures

Like I assume most everybody else, the Piki Pictures one stood out, both due to the hanbok stylings and the setting. I’d be nice if they could perform on a music show like that and hopefully go viral, something along the lines of what VIXX managed. One can dream.

That said, I was also psyched about the Esquire Korea appearance, just because, like … they’re now relevant enough to get Esquire Korea to take notice.

Oh yeah, and because I forgot, here’s their showcase for the ‘Lose Myself’ album.


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