Han Seo Hee avoids jail due to dropping her piss test in the toilet, apparently

Yes yes, I’m aware I’m late on news and stuff, but this was too ridiculous to ignore. Back in July, Han Seo Hee pissed hot on a drug test, and since she was on probation she looked headed for prison.

Well, that’s when even more mess started as she actually used the excuse that her piss test was invalid cause she dropped the cup or something.

On the 11th, Seongnam Branch of the Suwon District Court rejected the prosecution’s request to cancel Han Seo Hee’s probation after hair test conducted by the National Forensic Service came back negative for drugs. During interrogation hearing on the 29th, Han Seo Hee explained to judge why her urine test came back positive stating,“It is true that the urine test was positive but I never administered methamphetamine. I dropped my paper cup into the toilet during urine collection which may have included foreign substances. The prosecution rejected my request for a re-examination.”

So basically she happened to test negative on the hair test, but because she says she dropped her cup in the toilet, the urine test was invalidated and she was set free.

An official from Suwon District Court‘s Seongnam branch stated on the 11th “request to cancel Han Seo Hee’s suspended sentence has been rejected. Han Seo Hee’s urine test was positive so police asked for cancellation of her probation but hair test conducted by National Forensic Service has come back negative for drugs. As such, there’s no reason to cancel her suspended sentence.”Han Seo Hee is said to have been released from custody after her case was thrown out of court. 

Amazing, honestly. Like I suppose anything is possible and the toilet was absolutely loaded on drugs, but forgive me for not giving the benefit of the doubt here considering her track record.

Still, another amazing thing is how quick fans are to understand how the justice system seemed to be more lenient if not outright favorable towards a wealthy public figure and also not understand how that applies to their faves as well. Not surprising, but it should at least be noted.


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