Songs You May Have Missed: September 2020

Hello again. There’s stuff you guys may have missed, and I’m here yet again to tell you about it. Let’s go!

Lee Eunsang – “I Just Wanna Sing”

I could be mad that X1 was over so fast, or I could enjoy the music coming from all the members and be thankful that they are working. I could do both but that’s more effort, and this song is so lovely that I’d rather just enjoy.

James Lee – “Worlds Apart”

Another track from James! Guy keeps himself busy, and while I really enjoyed “Liar” (his August track), I like this song even more.

Jamie ft. Changmo – “Numbers”

There was a point during September where I listened to this song on repeat for an hour, and it’s still sitting at #7 on my “On Repeat” playlist. So suffice it to say: I’m really into this song.

YooA – “Diver”

This song from Oh My Girl member YooA is very nostalgic, and reminds me a lot of k-pop from the late 2000s.

H&D – “Umbrella”

I made it pretty clear when H&D debuted that I ended up being not particularly impressed by their first outing, but this one is MILES better to the point where I’m wondering why they weren’t given something like this the first time around. It’s almost a shame that these two will be debuting again with their group soon, because I would gladly take more of this.

Pink $weats ft. Joshua & DK of Seventeen

I make the rules and I say this song is allowed to be on this playlist. It’s chill, it’s lovely, and I love a good collab.

CHUNGHA ft. Christopher – “Bad Boy”

Speaking of collabs, I LOVE this one from Chungha and Christopher. Sometimes you just want a sweet little pop song, and it works even with Chungha’s powerful vocals – I like this cute little turn from her.

Hyukoh – “Help” (IDIOTAPE remix)

Stan Hyukoh. Stan Idiotape. (I recommend their “DYSTOPIA” album, which I listen to all the time.)

punchnello ft. Kid Milli – “fine!”

punchnello stop releasing tracks that are extremely my shit challenge: failed.

Casker – “Villain”

I bring this up every time I have a Casker track on these playlists, but I’ve been a fan of them for years and I just love them so much that I always want to recommend their entire back catalogue at every opportunity. For anyone new to them, I particularly recommend their 2010 album “Tender”.

Junoflo – “Angels”

Junoflo is always just *clenches fist* so good. Every time.

And that’s it! As always, thanks for reading and be sure to let me know about any songs you think other people may have missed in the comments. Happy listening!

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