SEVENTEEN support my idols and sports agenda by leaning all the way in with “HOME RUN”

SEVENTEEN returned recently with “HOME RUN”, and while I had assumed that it was just a bait-and-switch title, it fulfilled its destiny by being chock full of baseball-themed lyrics. That meant I couldn’t NOT cover it, lest I tempt the baseball gods and lessen the potential of future baseball-themed releases.

“HOME RUN” is a bit of throwback to corny K-pop, but in a good way if that makes sense. It’s not something I’d have on loop or anything, but it’s a lot of brassy fun with amusing lyrics that comes off a bit like a show tune.

In a bit of a shocker, SEVENTEEN have delivered a pop song with the most direct baseball references since Nelly’s “Batter Up”, and for that I’m thankful.

Keep giving me an excuse to push my agenda. Thank you.


TheBiasList felt “Home Run” was a good, solid release from SEVENTEEN but was relatively one-note from start to finish.


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