BTS nominated at 2021 Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, which is pretty amazing

Nominations for the 2021 Grammy Awards were revealed today, and BTS have secured their first nod in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category with “Dynamite”.

Stiff competition, but whether they win or not doesn’t matter as it’s a new day in K-pop history with this achievement. It’s honestly ridiculous to think about, especially if you’ve been around since 1.5 generation, that about two decades later a K-pop group would land a Grammy nod. Just like it was ridiculous that BTS winning at the AMAs was sort of an assumed been there, done that kinda thing at this point.

Definitely worth being cynical and skeptical about awards shows in general (even about why BTS themselves have been snubbed before), but still, it’s amazing that’s the point where BTS and K-pop have gotten to no matter what.


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