BTOB’s Ilhoon reportedly under investigation for habitual drug use, Cube confirms

BTOB member Ilhoon is reportedly under investigation by police on suspicion of habitual drug use, according to Channel A. The case has reportedly been ongoing for a while now as it was sent to the prosecution back in July, and if the reports are accurate he might be in trouble.

Police have confirmed through testimonies and account tracking that Ilhoon smoked marijuana several times with his acquaintances, starting from 4-5 years ago and as recent as last year. Traces of drugs were also detected in hair samples during a drug test. “We have secured evidence that Jung Ilhoon purchased the marijuana not with cash, but with cryoptocurrency to attempt to avoid any investigation. There is more controversy surrounding this since he joined the military during his investigation.” — Channel A

Ilhoon went to the military in late-May of this year, with the inference being the timing was suspicious and meant to throw a wrench into the investigation.

Initially, Cube Entertainment didn’t have much to say.

We didn’t know about a situation involving Ilhoon and drugs. His enlistment was originally scheduled for March, but was delayed due to COVID-19. — Cube Entertainment

However, they later followed up on this by confirming that he had a case regarding marijuana use.

“Hello, this is Cube Entertainment. After checking with Jung Ilhoon in regard to the news released earlier today, it has been confirmed that he has been summoned by the police investigation agency for questioning on charges of smoking marijuana, as previously reported. He feels a heavy responsibility for causing concern to many people, and he will do his best to faithfully carry out future investigations. Once again, we are sorry for causing concern.”

Not that I expected him to come out guns blazing here, but that’s a pretty passive statement.

Things do not look good for him, to say the least. No matter how much none of us may give a fuck about weed use, careers get derailed in Korea after getting popped on a test once, much less if he’s been using for years and if there’s anything further about the acquisition and subsequent timing of his military service.


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