Dreamatcher get anime theme with “Eclipse” for ‘King’s Raid: Successors of the Will’, Siyeon’s weeb dream comes true

Dreamcatcher’s upward trajectory continues with them finally scoring an anime theme that most of us fans always believed they were a dream fit for. They recently released a song called “Eclipse”, which will be featured on the gatcha turned anime ‘King’s Raid: Successors of the Will’.

The backing is top notch here and everything flows seamlessly as I would expect from a theme. It’s sort of a shame that the chorus isn’t as strong as their usual fare, though, cause everything else around it is definitely up to par.

Most importantly, much like their OST stuff, this is just another step forward and fulfills the dream of one weeb.

Still not as perfect as “Break The Wall” would be for ‘Attack On Titan’, though. Pony Canyon, you useless cowards!


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