Yoohyeon streams ‘Fall Guys’ on birthday, Dreamcatcher streaming channel dream is alive & well

Ever since the pandemic hit, I’ve discovered the appeal to Twitch as apparently I spent more time interacting with actual people than I presumed I did. As such, Dreamcatcher making their own channel became something of a desire for me, and really it makes sense from a business model standpoint even if the reputation of doing that is shit.

Well, as you can see Yoohyeon kept the dream alive by using her birthday (happy birthday!) to stream Fall Guys and talk to fans for an hour or so.

It was a lot of fun, and while more censored than I’m used to for obvious reasons, Yoohyeon is unsurprisingly pretty natural at it.

A nice recap here, as usual.

Also really makes you think about how the other members would be as streamers.

It works, IMO.

Oh yeah, comeback on January 26. Prepare yourself.


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