ITZY’s English version of “Not Shy” gets a MV in some Zepeto shit, members plot on JYP

JYP Entertainment took one look at what SM Entertainment was planning with Aespa and their avatars, saw the absolute lavish praise given to them by international fans, and thought to himself, “Ah, perfect, I’ll do this for ITZY for their English release except make it even more scuffed!”

And so, the English version of “Not Shy” now has an absolutely cursed music video in whatever Zepeto is.

But okay, that’s just my reaction as an old head K-pop fan. Maybe I’m out of touch and this is what people want. Well, let’s check what ITZY themselves think of … oh, oh no.

This is why I could never be a “real” K-pop journalist. Imagine having to write a puff piece about this when the members themselves look like they are plotting the murder of their company’s namesake.


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