Day6’s Jae apologizes and quits streaming after backlash to ‘sugar daddy’ joke

Day6 member Jae recently announced that he would quit streaming on Twitch and made an apology after a controversy arose over his use of the term ‘sugar daddy’ and actions surrounding it during a play of Rust.

The clip that started the mess is basically a situation where he said something unbecoming of an idol.

Previously, a clip of Jae’s live Twitch stream started making headlines for the crude remarks and actions made by the boy band member. In the clip, Jae can be heard saying, “this guy, he’s my sugar daddy.” Just a few seconds later, the Day6 member can then be heard saying, “just look away” while making a sexual motion resembling oral sex.

Please, if you’re sensitive to horrific imagery, look away.

Mother of god.

Anyway, shortly after that Korean netizens started freaking out, especially about the term ‘sugar daddy’. This led to Jae addressing it on stream.

Honestly for me, it’s just something I did with my friends and maybe this is a culture difference, but I will refrain from commenting on it…I really do think this is a big cultural difference.

Whenever I speak in English, the direct Korean translations have been made problematic numerous times. If you choose to mistranslate what I say and purposely create problems from it, you might want to stop watching my streams for your own happiness.

This made people even madder since they weren’t getting the sincere apology they think they deserved, so he then did that, saying “I deeply apologize to those who were hurt by my actions. I will work harder to show a better version of myself.”

If you guessed that wouldn’t satiate people who were upset, you were right, and Jae followed by releasing a longer apology in both Korean and English.

I see people trying to cape for the netizens already, making long meandering threads, but I understand everything at play here. People are attempting to justify the backlash by explaining the term has more misogynistic connotations when translated directly to Korean, but that just means the translation itself was a misconstruction, because within the context of him saying it in English while playing as a character in a game with Western friends there’s nothing malicious that could be reasonably extracted from the events. I even see people trying to connect it to the comfort woman issue, which quite frankly is leaps more offensive of an inference than anything Jae did on stream and only goes to show how out of hand these implications are getting. Cultural awareness, education, and learning is important as it provides context, we always say this and usually while correctly chiding international fans, but this shit goes both ways.

Honestly, I just think this is ridiculous any way you cut it. For him to have to quit something he enjoys and apologize multiple times over him making a throwaway joke in Rust about needing a sugar daddy to get scrap is laughable. Even within the context of K-pop this situation is absurd, and it borders on surreal trying to explain this to anybody outside of that bubble. Regardless, I suppose many never wanted him to stream to begin with, and it’s just sad that this is the way they got their wish.


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