TWICE perform “Cry For Me” on The Kelly Clarkson Show, which is a perfect chance to talk about it

TWICE recently performed on The Kelly Clarkson Show, and the song they went with was late-2020 release “Cry For Me“. While I had intended on writing it up at the time, I kept pushing it back until it would’ve been weird to cover it, so if nothing else this gives me the perfect chance to talk about it.

Coming off their stellar “I Can’t Stop Me” comeback slash concept change, there were still questions as to whether they would continue down that general path of maturing their sound and how good they’d continue to even be at it.

Well, “Cry For Me” served as an effective answer to that. It’s arguably just as good, and to certain tastes not in love with the retro synth rebirth, probably better with its emotional, orchestral backing. The “I want you to cry, cry for me” chorus is addictive as hell and it even picks up the tempo later to keep the progression going. Needless to say, the maturation of their music is going better than I ever expected.

Apparently they had plans for this as more than a pre-release from the start, which is understandable.


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