Park Na Rae haters accidentally made a highlight compilation of her, police somehow now investigating this

If you hadn’t heard by now comedian Park Na Rae has been in hot water from netizens for making sexual jokes on a YouTube show, and she’s already had to leave the show and make apologies and all that.

The thing is, when you actually watch the “problematic” compilations that they’re cancelling her for, it’s dumb and funny as shit.

Okay, like it’s not reinventing comedy, but the fact that this basic shit is risque or something shows the value in doing it.

I’m sorry, but if we cannot collectively laugh at taking a stretchy toy’s arm and making it appear as a dong, what do we have left? We live in a society, people.

Oh yeah, and there’s literally a police investigation into this now, which is as ridiculous as it sounds.


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