This Is So Stupid: Super Junior’s Siwon & Ronald Reagan, a love story

Months ago, I got a DM about a thread documenting stuff that included Siwon of Super Junior and his obsession with dead guy Ronald Reagan. At the time, I thought it was definitely weird, but honestly I was too lazy/busy at the time to shitpost about it.

Well, now I have the time to look at all of it and truly absorb the absurdity of it all, and boy is it something. Better yet, Siwon has continued to post more and more Reagan shit, and more and more people are noticing, so it’s remained topical!

A funny thread at first that got progressively weirder the more Reagan pics showed up.

Anyway, there’s a ton more.

And so on and so forth.

Perhaps just as entertaining are the varying fan responses, from defending Reagan to pretending a 35-year-old UN Ambassador just needs to be educated to claiming he doesn’t like Reagan and the fans do to just declaring blind support no matter what.

As for me, well, I just found it odd that such a devout Christian stans a guy who is in Hell.


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