[Review] (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi delivers a true standout in excellent “Bonnie & Clyde”

While I’ve already essentially spoiled my thoughts on “Bonnie & Clyde” in the review of “Giant”, it’s important for me to flesh out exactly how impressed I was by what is somehow a b-side on (G)I-DLE Yuqi‘s A Page solo debut.

Even among the songs I’ve enjoyed so far in 2021, some of them have been slow burns and growers where I’ve become addicted to them over time. Comparatively “Bonnie & Clyde” has that kick-you-in-the-nuts standup and pay attention instant earworm quality to it that really stood out to me, especially in the current sea of releases.


A retro disco mix with a rock tinge to it, there’s an undeniable driving energy that underpins the entire effort. “Bonnie & Clyde” starts on the gas and simply never lets up, but it’s smart enough to still have a build within the arrangement, making the pay-off of the chorus feel like a significant release. It continually raises the stakes, and simply never stops gathering momentum until the end.

Remember my minor complaint about “Giant” that if anything it felt like it limited Yuqi’s ability? Yeah, well stuff like “Bonnie & Clyde” is what I meant, from the deeper tones of the verses to the truly explosive chorus, everything here is impressive. It’s also hooky thanks to the “we don’t need money” and “modern version Bonnie and Clyde” exclamation points that make it difficult to shake from your head if you ever want to. Hell, even the bridge works towards showing how dynamic she is, extending her to the upper register before launching into the finale. Perhaps the only criticism is the song is less than three minutes, and I’m unsure as of now whether that makes it more addictive or just painfully short, but either way I was absolutely blown away by this.

Note: My favorite scenes in the music video give me classic Wong Kar Wai aesthetic vibes. ‘Chungking Express‘, maybe.

Personally, I would’ve reversed the single and the b-side, but A Page truly covers a wide breadth of tastes, delivering two great songs that show her range and potential moving forward. The only potential pitfall is that it might raise my expectations too high going forward, especially if she feels forced to settle into the sappy ballad circuit for a region that loves them. Here’s hoping she bucks that trend, because with this she’s shown the potential of dynamic songs and how they’re able to express and convey meaningful material in ways that are exciting and fun.


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