LABOUM’s “Journey To Atlantis”, which had its own resurgence, covered on ‘Hangout With Yoo’ by MSG Wannabe’s Top 8

As somebody who has been on the LABOUM discography bandwagon for years now, it has been thrilling to see them getting attention again on the charts following the success of Brave Girls. Specifically, the song “Journey To Atlantis” has come to the forefront.

While they may never reach the breakout that Brave Girls had, and I’ve certainly been baited with hope enough times to not jump the gun, it’s certainly notable that Hangout With Yoo helped with the ascent by mentioning it and just recently had the Top 8 of their MSG Wannabe project group (Simon D, Wonstein, KCM, Parc Jaejung, Ji Seokjin, Kim Jung Min, Lee Sangyi, Lee Donghwi) cover it on the show.

It was fun, though I gotta admit it did make me appreciate the original more, especially the instrumental.

Regardless even the cover seems to have started well on the charts.

Hey, anything that gets more people to check out LABOUM is a good thing.


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