Actress Kim Jung Hwa gets backlash from Christian groups for lesbian character, husband reassures: “My wife and I are against homosexuality”

Actress Kim Jung Hwa, who is currently in the tvN drama Mine, has come under fire from two sides recently. For starters, she began to receive criticism from Christian groups for portraying a lesbian character in the drama.

“As a fellow missonary’s wife, I’m so so disappointed. I supported you and followed you, but to say that it’s just ‘acting’ is too much. Why did you have to take on a role that goes against God’s order of creation … I’m not trying to exclude the LGBTQ community. It’s just a disease that needs to be cured. To understand is one thing, but to justify is another. Why do you think I watched a drama with such a big audience … it’s because we’re both missionary wives but it’s too bad … it specifically states in The Bible that homosexuality is forbidden. I hope that you take your role as a missionary’s wife more seriously before your role as an actress.”

Netizens from said groups then commented on the Instagram of Yoo Eun Sung, her Christian singer/missionary husband, and eventually he not only maybe spoiled the drama but also made homophobic comments and stated they are both opposed to homosexuality.

He wrote on Instagram, “It’s about a person suffering from a situation and eventually going back to normal. It’s not homosexual. My wife also had a lot of worries about the role, but thank you for your interest. It seems the production team is doing noise marketing with homosexuality. My wife and I are against homosexuality.”

Kim Jung Hwa’s label Salt Entertainment stated, “We’re sorry to have caused concern. We ask for your understanding as it’s difficult to make an official statement.”

God that is a hilarious statement.

“We’re sorry the husband of our actress is such a dumbass, but it’s hard to say anything without digging this hole deeper right now.”

Not sure there’s really any positive outcome from this. I guess the best possible thing morally would be that they’re not homophobic but have to pretend to be to not be outcasted by their religious friends.


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