After School, Nine Muses, 2PM reunite for MMTG Hidden Gems Concert + Oh My Girl, appearance by SHINee, and special VIXX cover

In the aftermath of the resurgence of Brave Girls‘ “Rollin’“, Jaejae from the popular YouTube channel MMTG got a second wind in reuniting previous generation K-pop groups. She received a lot of feedback on hidden gems that people wanted to hear again, and it eventually culminated in a concert that features reunions of After School, Nine Muses, and 2PM.


After School – “Bang”

After School – “Diva”

Nine Muses – “Dolls”

2PM – “My House”


It also ended up featuring Oh My Girl and had a special cover performance of VIXX.

Oh My Girl – “Closer”

IZ*ONE’s Yena, Jaejae, Jang Doyeon – VIXX’s “Chained Up”

There was even a surprise pre-recorded performance of “View” from SHINee.


Additionally, Nine Muses gave us a look at their preparation for the concert, while After School provided their dance practices.


All in all it was a welcome trip down memory lane, and hopefully it gives these songs and groups a bit of a boost.


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