SEVENTEEN join the ranks of abhorrent, repulsive, dastardly misandrists

SEVENTEEN have added themselves to the ledger of misandrists, recently joining the list during the interview section of Music Bank.

Oh … oh the horror. How could do they do this? Betraying their fellow men!

Get me my fainting couch!


If you aren’t familiar, Korean incel groups have been telling on themselves recently, kicking up a fuss about that pinching hand gesture, basically thinking anybody who does it is insulting their tiny cocks.

Normally, this would just be something stupid to laugh off, but the thing is companies are actually listening to their whining, which makes the fuss quite serious and terrible. In particular, Jaejae has been made the face of this so-called anti-male movement, which makes this clip funnier since member Seungkwan and Jaejae are close.


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