Songs You May Have Missed: April 2021 (Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, Davichi, Colde, 3YE, IZ)

If I told you I’m the kind of person who’s always early for everything, would any of you still believe me? Thanks for being patient, anyway. Let’s go!

Editor’s Note: This one being late is my fault.



3YE release an album this year so I can put you on the b-side playlist challenge: failed. They are so good though, I really want the best for these ladies.

Colde – “Light”

Goddamn it, Colde is so good every time, how does he DO that?

20 Years Of Age – “Starry Night”

I do have to question if going with this stage name was a super good idea, but regardless; this song has a nice, sort of dreamy quality to it.

Ha Hyun Sang – “Late Night Movie”

Sweet vocals being propped up by a minimal melody. Very nice.

Withus – “DOKKEBI: Ground”

By far the most abrasive track on this list, this song is … strange, actually, and kind of a mess. But I like it anyway.

DAVICHI – “Just Hug Me”

Not the most amazing or interesting track ever, but it’s always nice to have DAVICHI around.

PENTAGON – “Do Or Not”

A lot of groups are releasing English versions of songs this year, and I do get why; I just question the need for them, sometimes. This song is still nice in English, though.

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun – “Coffee”

Kyuhyun was my first K-pop bias ever and his vocals are still the best, as far as I’m concerned.

GreatGuys – “Touch By Touch”

These (great) guys have been active since 2017 and I literally only heard about them last month, somehow. This song is definitely on the “can I bop to it” playlist, though.

A Pink – “Thank You”

No, A Pink, thank you.

SEVENTEEN’s The8 – “Side By Side”

It was a good month for solo efforts from SEVENTEEN members, and like the SVT trash I am, I loved them all (even though this MV is kind of a mess).

Epitone Project (Feat. Kim Seon Ho) – “Reason”

Absolute cosiness in musical form. This song makes me want to nap in the sun like a happy cat.

IZ – “Missing U”

More IZ for me! More!!! I am being spoilt.


And that’s it.

As always, stay hydrated, be good to each other, and happy listening.

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