[Review] Nissy puts his own stamp on retro trend with “Do Do”

Nissy has released a string of singles this year, forging a cinematic universe with a series of music videos that see him teleporting from place to place. This teleportation power seems to be fueled by angst, as there’s plenty of emotive navel-gazing to be found in the visuals. The video for new single “Do Do” runs over eight minutes in length, which feels just a bit self-indulgent. Luckily, the music itself is as fun and breezy as we’d expect from his solo work.

This year, Nissy’s singles keep getting better and better. I enjoyed April’s “Say Yes” right from the start, and it grew even more addictive with time. I predict a similar trajectory for “Do Do”. The song is drenched in a retro haze, putting Nissy’s own stamp on current trends. Filtered rhythm guitar opens the track, underpinned by an insistent kick. Additional percussion adds to the groove, eventually slotting together to create a slick disco beat.

Nissy’s vocals follow suit. His falsetto is layered to create a light, wispy texture that matches the instrumental perfectly. It’s a reserved performance, but one of that hits its mark. “Do Do” aims to paint a specific summer sound, and each effect and filter contributes to this vibe. By the time the synths come in for the chorus, “Do Do” has swept you away with its laidback charms. I love how cohesive the track is. It’s not the sort of approach that blows you away on first listen, but its sly charms get under your skin more and more with each listen.

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