JYPE’s upcoming girl group has over 60k pre-orders despite no lineup being revealed

In what seems almost like some kind of show of power or something, JYP Entertainment opened pre-orders for a yet to be revealed girl group set to debut in 2022. Well, their brand testing or whatever worked extremely well, as the group has over 60,000 pre-orders already in just over a week.

The agency has now announced that its new girl group’s “Blind Package,” which was only made available for pre-sale from July 16 to 25, racked up an impressive total of 61,667 pre-orders in those 10 days. Notably, JYP Entertainment has not yet released any further information about the group and its members, aside from the fact that they will be debuting in February 2022.

I hope this is revealed to be some kind of sick social experiment and the group is all A.I and the album is just ambient sounds or some shit.


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