Mina (ex-AOA) guests on ‘Blessed Show’ & clarifies that only Jimin bullied her, talks about father’s abuse & being friends with Sulli

In what I’m genuienly not sure is a good or bad thing, former AOA member Mina appeared on an episode of JumJumTV’s Blessed Show on YouTube to tackle a wide variety of topics.

Of course, most notably since it involves other celebrities, was her talking about the bullying. She makes it clear that Jimin was the one who did so

On this day, she shared that she wasn’t ostracized by the group, but it was just one member who had constantly bullied her for over ten years. Mina explained, “I just wanted to be a celebrity and this was the first time I was a trainee so I thought it was normal. I thought they were just ‘playing bully’ but then I slowly realized this one person would only pick on me.” She added, “for ten years I was constantly bullied by that one person. She would say, ‘why are your face and body like s***?” Mina also elaborated that she was physically abused on top of the verbal abuse. Mina explained, “She would punch me. But then she would say she hit me because I was in the front. So what can I say to that?” Mina also explained that the other AOA members comforted her and acknowledged that Jimin was bullying her. Mina said, “When we would drink the members would tell me first ‘It must be hard for you. Why does she hate you so much?'” Mina concluded the topic by saying, “I actually forgave that person because she apologized to me in my dream. Not in person but in my dream.”

Mina also discussed her bullying allegations against former AOA member Jimin, saying, “I wasn’t an outcast. It was [Jimin’s] one-sided bullying towards me. When I started getting bullied when I first became a trainee, I thought I was getting bullied because I was a trainee. However, after time passed, I realized she was only bullying me. She used verbal violence and actual violence against me as well.”

Mina then went on to talk about her father being abusive to her and her mother.

She shared that her father’s abuse was constant and that she became estranged from her father at the age of six, when her parents got divorced. Mina explained, “My first memory of my father is when he beat up my mother so badly that she lost consciousness and I had to call the police.” She elaborated that the police had suspected that it was a prank call and once they arrived at her house, her father ran away with only his underwear. Mina recalled another memory of her father’s abusive tendencies when she told him about her boyfriend in middle school. She explained, “I was in a car with my father and when I told him that I had a boyfriend, he beat me until I almost died. I remember thinking that since I was going to die anyway, I should jump out of the car.”  She reveals that in the second grade of middle school, she told everyone that her father passed away because she hated him so much and prayed that he would pass away. Her claims confused netizens as she previously claimed to have loved her father dearly while sharing childhood photos of the pair and was furious at AOA’s Jimin for not allowing her to visit him in hospital. Mina also mentioned that her older sister has all the qualities of her father and she revealed, “She said that she will search for mother’s new car and I was surprised by her kindness. She came back and asked for two signatures. It turns out that it was a contract to pay for two cars. One for my mother and one for my sister.”

Honestly not sure it’s all that confusing. Lots of kids love their parents despite being treated like absolute garbage by them.

She also talked about being friends with Sulli and how her death impacted her.

She recalled, “Life in Seoul was so hard, and the only friend in Seoul who I could share such hardships with was Sulli. I was so lonely in Seoul, but we comforted each other by talking about such difficulties.” Mina continued, “Sulli was a really good person. I’m sorry if you’re uncomfortable with me mentioning her, but I really miss her as a friend too. I’m sorry that I didn’t know the pain my friend was going through. When I asked if she was okay, she said she was, so I really thought she was. I regret that I can’t tell her anything now.”

She also talked about her experience being sexually assaulted, so yeah, there’s an awful lot of terrible shit.

Mina’s stance on the rest of AOA has always been a bit vague, to say the least, and that made things difficult to discern in terms of what was going on. This clears it up a bit, and I think it’s notable that despite everything that has been going on, she’s been consistent about Jimin and her alleged actions towards her.

Hopefully at least since this has been cleared up, the AOA members can stop living under a dark cloud now, and again I just continue to hope this was useful for Mina in some way. But I really fear that it’s only going to exacerbate the situation with people sending her hate and since she can’t seem to stop reading/replying to that it’s concerning. But as many have pointed out, at the the end of the day, there’s nothing we can really do.


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