Producer Ryan S. Jhun apologizes after coming under fire due to using derogatory term for female idols

Producer Ryan S. Jhun has issued a bunch of apologetic tweets with vaguely the same message after coming under fire for his comments on DC Gallery that were derogatory towards female idols.

The controversy started when netizens found his replies on DC Gallery replying to users making vulgarities out of girl group names and using a derogatory term for them.

A netizen had created a post to question if Ryan Jhun was short on money, given how he was producing for many female idols recently. The netizen had used the derogatory term, boj-dol, in the post. It was found that Ryan Jhun left the comment “I seem to (produce) well for boj-dols“, which many naturally took offense to. Boj-dol is a term that combines the offensive word for the vagina and the word for idol. It is a derogatory term that refers to female idols.

Netizens proceeded to criticize him for past incidents like dissing KARA, for which he apologized for (as did the group he produced for), among other things.

People are … skeptical of his explanations, and understandably so.


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