Mnet’s ‘Idol School’ (Fromis 9) was manipulated 233 times & had 10 contestants unfairly eliminated

Fallout from Mnet‘s survival show vote manipulation scandal continued to roll in today after it was found that Idol School, which led to the formation of Fromis 9, had a remarkable 233 incidents of manipulation and 10 trainees were unfairly eliminated.

According to the 12th Subcommittee to Broadcast Deliberation’s meeting notes which were released on September 28 KST, it was revealed by Jeong Kyung Shik the extent of Idol School’s trainee ranking manipulation. “In a survival style music show that is selecting girl group members, from episodes 2 to 11, the rankings were manipulated 233 times in total. When the 4th eliminations were announced, 10 trainees who were subject to elimination remained in the competition while 10 trainees who were supposed to stay in the competition were unfairly eliminated.”

The extent is the only surprising part, because the producers had already admitted to rigging the show previously and two of the show’s staff were sentenced back in June.

Perhaps most famously, Lee Hae In was rigged out of the group despite actually placing in the center position, so at least it has also been revealed that she (and others impacted) were compensated.

It was also shared that chief producer “Kim”, who was sentenced to one year in prison and fined ₩10.0 million KRW (about $8,420 USD), has reached a settlement with those who were affected by the manipulation, including Lee Haein.

It’s honestly kinda shocking that while everybody has focused on Produce 101 messes, it was Idol School that was Mnet’s peak fuckery.


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