B-Side Spotlight: August 2021 (Golden Child, ASTRO, Weeekly, Sunmi, The Boyz, Red Velvet, TXT)

It’s b-side time again, everyone – it’s really a shame that I managed to get myself behind on some things, because there were truly SO many great releases during August. Either way, I’m here now – let’s go!


Golden Child – “Fanfare” & “Game (TAG and Jibeom)”

I try and avoid doing this as much as I can, but every now and then I like a group’s album so much that I cannot choose between two tracks. Continuing their theme of impressing me, I liked Golcha’s August efforts so much that I could not find a way to choose between either Fanfare or Game, so I…just decided not to.

Astro – “My Zone”


Weeekly – “Check It Out”

They’re adorable and I always love getting more music from them.

Sunmi – “⅙”

Don’t wanna feel anythinggggggg – Sunmi, an absolute mood.

The Boyz – “Nightmares”

I love! Overdramatic boy group bops!! This is a god tier overdramatic bop!!

ONF – “Summer Poem”

…and on the other end of the spectrum, we have a high energy but not overdramatic boy group bop. We love to see it.

Ha Sungwoon – “On & On”

I like this song, and I very much like Sungwoon attempting some more dreamy vocals, but this was one of those situations where I thought the promoted track (Strawberry Gum) was the correct choice.

Park Jihoon – “Strawberry”

Not my #1 song on this playlist, but very very close. 

Red Velvet – “Hello, Sunset”

This is basically the perfect late summer song, and I’m sorry I missed the chance to enjoy it at its full potential. My bad.

TXT – “Ice Cream”


TXT, please stop releasing so many tracks I really really enjoy, I don’t have time for any new groups or literally anything else in my life…please…I am so busy…

CIX – “Lost”

Absolutely loving the synths and the Madeon-style production on this one.

Cravity – “Grand Prix”

Cravity proving, yet again, why they are my favourite group from last year.

Stay Kidz – “Domino”

I always want to like SKZ more than I do, and there are some parts of this song that are absolute brain candy – so progress is being made, is what I am saying.

Verivery – “Underdog”

Another overdramatic boy group bop! This one is a little more restrained than certain others on this list, but it still counts. As always, you know I love ‘em.

Jay B ft. Junny – “Fame”

This whole time, JB’s voice has been crying out for something smooth, and something specifically created for him by Groovyroom. He’s finally getting what he deserves.

Gray ft. pH-1 – “Show Window”

Gray is a man whose music I always love, and so is pH-1. I didn’t stand a chance not absolutely adoring this song.

Brave Girls – “Fever (Remix)”

Brave Girls still deservedly riding that high. Good for them.

Kwon Eun Bi – “Blue Eyes”

A dreamy little song, with exceptionally sweet vocals from Eun Bi.

BtoB – “Waiting 4 U”

This song is a masterclass in gorgeous vocals from BtoB.

MCND – “Cat Waltz”

I like this song a lot, but I am wondering why it’s not in 3/4 time? You know…like a waltz? Ah, well.

…and that’s it! Let me know which b-sides you enjoyed during August, and as always – happy listening.

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