Truedy has returned with the hilariously named “Love Yourself” and is now just Jessi

Hey, remember Truedy? Yes, from the Unpretty Rapstar 2 cast. Probably known to most international fans as basically a Yoon Mi Rae cosplayer in terms of performance and queen of cultural appropriation, she’s now married to a baseball player now and is also apparently back to releasing music.

Now this would feel like maybe a fresh start thing given that she’s changed up her entire look now. But, uh … well, I guess she just decided to be Jessi next.

The repeating pattern is just hilarious, honestly. She heard the people calling her an imitator and just said … “Well, gonna do the same thing again with another popular female rapper, fuck it.” Naming the release “Love Yourself” makes it even better. There are levels to determination.

Mainly I feel sorra for former SPICA member Kim Boa, who does great in her part but I can’t take this seriously.


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