Sunny Hill reunite on ‘Hangout With Yoo’, do a bit of “Midnight Circus”, “Goodbye To Romance”, “Pit-A-Pat”

While I’ve been busy these days, I made time to cover the Sunny Hill reunion on a recent episode of Hangout With Yoo. The group had a few hit songs “back in the day” but have largely gone unrecognized and unappreciated by the recent surge of fans into K-pop, so needless to say I was excited about this.

During their appearance they performed “Midnight Circus”, “Goodbye To Romance”, and “Pitapat”.

Yoo Jae Suk a genius for capitalizing on nostalgia. It works, dammit.

Unfortunately, they didn’t do one of their best songs, “Pray”.

“The Grasshopper Song” is overrated, by the way, if you know, you know.

Also it was brought up that Kota did the guide vocals for IU’s “Good Day”.


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