Gang rapist Choi Jong Hoon tells reporter he also has “trauma”, mother says “it wasn’t even a big deal”

Back in November, convicted gang rapist Choi Jong Hoon was released from prison after serving just 2.5 years. Recently, a reporter tracked him down to a church service he attended with his mom, and afterward attempted to ask him questions about his whereabouts and future plans, to which he declined to answer. Eventually, Choi Jong Hoon explained that he also has “trauma” and “shock” from the scandal and that he doesn’t know how to respond to these questions.

The Fact reporter: “Please make a comment about your future plans.”
Choi Jong Hoon: “I also have bad trauma and shock [from the scandal]. I don’t know what to say to you when you are coming at me with a recording device.”

When a cameraman was revealed, Choi Jong Hoon called his mom over, and that’s really where the story comes from as she got physical with them and downplayed her son’s crimes as “not even a big deal”, describes things as “unfair”, and says “God will take care of everything”.

Choi Jong Hoon: “What are you doing? Mom! These reporters came up to me started asking for an interview.”
The Fact reporter: “We just wanted to ask a few questions.”
Choi Jong Hoon’s mother: “What are you trying to ask?”
The Fact reporter: “Just what his future plans are.”
Choi Jong Hoon’s mother: “Why would you ask such things? It wasn’t even a big deal [pushes reporter] and you’re making such a fuss about it. God will punish you.”

The Fact reporter: “We just want to hear one comment.”
Choi Jong Hoon’s mother: “Stop. Stop bothering my son, who is trying to live in faith. [Pushes Cameraman] Time will only tell. God will take care of everything and He will figure everything out in His time. The conclusion will be fine in the end. You just wait … this is so unfair.”

Man, I don’t know if she really believes that or not, but I don’t get how you can ever say that about the shit he did.

Five individuals including Jung Joon Young and Choi Jong Hoon were charged with aggravated rape in Gangwon Province in January 2016 and in Daegu in March 2016. They also faced charges of filming and spreading footage that was illegally taken during that time.

Well, guess that answers how he came to be like this, at least.


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