Rundown: M.M.D, Yein, NATURE, PENTAGON, Golden Child, Kyuhyun, Def. + others

Man, I know there are ebbs and flows in terms of quality releases since they can come in batches, but for me January of 2022 in K-pop has been a wasteland in terms of quality.


PENTAGON – “Feelin’ Like”

It’s hard to understand pop songs that eschew a chorus for a basic-sounding instrumental drop. Like if you have something awesome you want to feature, that could be cool, but stuff like this? Feels tailored for a TikTok dance or some shit.



It’s truly amazing how even on a bonkers song like this producers will put in a trap break that slows things to a crawl. Regardless, the chorus is surprisingly/annoyingly memorable but I feel like the concept is wrong, as the music is geared more towards the bizarre and a concept to match would sell it better.


Yein – “Plus And Minus”

I feel like this is the kind of song a lot of city pop enjoyers will love even though I find it rather nondescript. Nothing wrong with it, though.


Kyuhyun (Super Junior) – “Love Story”


Golden Child – “A WOO!”

For as lively as they try to make it, this is rather lifeless like going through the motions. Hopefully not indicative of their Japanese sound as they’re better than this.


Def. (GOT7’s Jay B) – “SUNSET WITH YOU”

Other than the occasional Jackson song, GOT7‘s solo stuff has been dire so far.


Jung Dan – “You Jinn Indisputable”

Inspirational in the sense that you’re apparently never too old to make shitty music using those shitty vocal effects.



Admire what RAVI has done in terms of networking and setting up his companies, but his music is just not for me, addiction to vocal effects or not.


M.M.D – “WooAh HIP”

Outside of maybe supergroups by companies, this kind of diverse talent is only gonna come together cause they are labeled as “old” or whatever, so appreciate it. Conceptually, this is probably close to what GOT The Beat should’ve been. While it wasn’t exactly great for me, at least with this I could see how it might hold appeal to a listener.


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