Highlights: Amaki Sally’s lessons, Billlie’s Tsuki goes viral, Chuu does volleyball, Jisook makes an app, Daisy clarifies + some other stuff

Just realized this entire post is from women, so I’ll just pretend it was for International Women’s Day.


Amaki Sally, Genius

Impressive, honestly.

Speaking of being a genius, she has a great series going on Twitter right now where she teaches “practical” Japanese phrases to English speakers and vice versa. Her choices are … well, as you’d expect from her.

There’s a bunch of others (here and here) but I didn’t want to flood this post with even more embeds.


Chuu (LOONA) & The V-League All-Star Game

She is honestly just such a great idol.


Sana (TWICE) … Yeah



Daisy, Controversy Queen


one less person to split with! 🙂

♬ Major Bag Alert – Damickey Lillard

Daisy made some fans mad because they thought she was being shady.

Thankfully she clarified for everybody in her next release.


just to be clear😌

♬ original sound – Daisy (유정안)


Chaesol (Cignature) Has Technical Problems

I mean, it would’ve been understandable, regardless.


Jisook (Rainbow) Makes An App … Like Seriously

Literally made an app.

The timing of her Steve Jobs cosplay with the Elizabeth Holmes miniseries release is funny as hell.


Tsuki (Billlie) Goes Viral

Honestly, I’m exhausted just watching this, but it’s really a great performance. Almost three million views now but deserves more, as she’s constantly engaged with the theme throughout, with my favorite moment probably coming at 1:32 when she’s not the focal point but could be. The little things count.


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