Dreamcatcher’s teaser images for ‘Apocalypse: Save Us’ album comeback + support projects and all that

Dreamcatcher are returning on April 12 with their second album, ‘Apocalypse: Save Us‘, which also begins a new storyline in their lore. So far the album is notable in that all seven members will have solo songs on it, and now that all the teaser images are out, figured it was as good a time as any to cover the comeback.

Honestly, they look nice for the most part, but I swear to god some of my graphic artist friends could’ve done a better job with the background work. The group teasers are much better than the individual ones, likely because you can just focus on them.


For the second album, they are having a mini-concert that you can buy tickets for.

In terms of buying the album, if you’re American you can now buy from an American distributor. I think this was the reason fansite 7 Dreamers were polling interest on social media.

Otherwise, the usual suspects apply.

Additionally, 7 Dreamers appear to be running their most elaborate effort to get them a win and/or help them chart digitally yet, so if you want to help there here is that info. There are a lot of ways to help.

Really, 7 Dreamers is doing a shit ton this comeback.


Speaking of that, of course I’m doing a giveaway, which will be posted sooner than later.


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