Jay Chou got his ~$500k BAYC NFT (and maybe others) yoinked

In heartwarming news, Taiwanese singer Jay Chou revealed on Instagram recently that one of his NFTs was stolen. Furthermore, it was then resold for over $500,000.

The stolen NFT was found on NFT Marketplace LooksRare where its first transaction was for 133 ether (ETH) and it later sold for 155 ETH, which is around US$520,000, based on the current value for Ethereum. In his post, the 43-year-old Chou, warned people to be more cautious, adding through his hashtags that NFT theft was not a joke.  According to blockchain security firm PeckShield, Chou may have lost another three NFTs besides the Bored Ape, specifically one from Mutant Ape Yacht Club and another two from Doodles.


On Etherscan, an Ethereum analytics platform, the crypto wallet address that Chou’s allegedly stolen NFT was transferred to is marked with a warning, which says that it was reported to have been used in a phishing scam, and that users should exercise caution when interacting with the address.

At least half a mil doesn’t matter to him, but it could to the people these celebs are promoting this shit to.


For those wondering what the hell all this NFT shit is even about, here’s a collection of quality work on the topic (or here for more bleak mess).


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