Actress Kim Sae Ron being investigated for DUI after she crashes car into transformer & knocks out power + video released

Actress Kim Sae Ron was booked on charges of drunk driving this morning after she reportedly hit an electric transformer box and knocked out power to the surrounding area.

According to the reports, Kim Sae Ron was driving this morning at around 8 a.m. KST in the district of Cheongdam in Gangnam when she crashed into a structure. The police measured her blood alcohol content at the scene of the incident, but Kim Sae Ron wanted a blood test to be taken, so they moved to the hospital. The source continued to share, “After the blood is drawn, we will request the National Forensic Service to check the alcohol concentration in the blood.”

Now, according to additional investigation reports, Kim Sae Ron’s SUV collided with a roadside electric transformer box to the point that the protective enclosure around the box was destroyed, and the box was uprooted from its position in the ground. Some witnesses also claimed that the SUV hit the box multiple times, causing a series of loud noises, but the driver did not get out to check the damages and attempted to drive off. (A photo of the scene can be found below.) As a result, several buildings in the area suffered power outages, including a traffic light outage. Businesses around the area also reported payment processing system outages, forcing some to close down for the morning. The accident lead to significant repairs which lasted for approximately 5 hours. 

Her company, GOLDMEDALIST Entertainment, has stated that she took a blood test and will get the results in two weeks.

Kim Sae Ron took a blood test for accurate results, and after the test, she was escorted home by her guardian without additional investigation. The results of the blood test will be available in two weeks, and Kim Sae Ron will faithfully respond to the police’s questioning afterward.

This happened at 8 AM, so if she was drunk that was one hell of a night she had. Or one hell of a morning.

Either way, she did major damage and disrupted a ton of people’s lives in the area.


Here’s video of Saerom’s accident from Channel A, which shows she’s extremely lucky to not have caused serious injury or death to people the way she was driving.


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