[Update] Golden Child’s TAG confirmed to have visited hospital for testing, but Woollim denies dire reports about his condition

Golden Child member TAG is reportedly in critical condition in the intensive care unit due to acute liver failure and is in urgent need of a liver transplant.

According to a breaking news report from Gookmin Ilbo, TAG (real name Son Young Taek) is currently said to be in critical condition due to acute liver failure. He was hospitalized earlier this afternoon at Gangnam’s Severance Hospital. TAG’s blood type is known to be RH+ O, and he is currently in the hospital’s intensive care unit and is in urgent need of a liver transplant.

If true, besides being shocking, this is definitely a sudden onset issue as just a couple days ago he was filming dance challenges and what not.

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No idea what could cause such sudden liver failure, but this is one of those cases where as fucked up as it is, truly it would be better if the journalist was just irresponsible and made a grave mistake on the story. Otherwise, this is bleak and one can only hope for the best for TAG.


Woollim Entertainment responded to the report in a statement, saying that TAG is awaiting results from the hospital but is not in critical condition.

TAG is definitely not in critical condition right now. However, recently he was in poor health so he visited the hospital this morning and underwent many kinds of tests and is awaiting the test results.

Really hope this is the truth.

Thing is, if the stuff about him having a liver problem is true, that’s still extremely concerning.


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