KARD unveil teaser for comeback that should be interesting, if nothing else

Hey, remember KARD? That’s the question they ask you in their teaser for their upcoming comeback that’s intriguing for a variety of reasons.

As many older readers know, I was a huge fan of their early releases and concept, with four of their first five singles being great and “Hola Hola” being solid as well. After that, they changed up their sound a bit and saw their popularity wane, culminating with the news that J.Seph would be going to the military in October 2020. So from a musical perspective, I’m curious what they’re going to come back with.

As it turned out, J.Seph going on hiatus ended up being timed quite well as less than six months later Somin (back when she was in APRIL) was connected to the Hyunjoo bullying scandal. She’s maintained a relatively low profile since, while BM and Jiwoo did individual activities, and it should be interesting to see if that has any impact on this comeback and how netizens will react given bullying coming to the forefront again.

The comeback is reportedly set for sometime in June.


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