Taiwanese superstar Cyndi Wang goes viral thanks to her performance on ‘Sisters Who Make Waves 3’

Watch the episode on YouTube with English subs here.

We’ve talked about hit Chinese reality television show Sisters Who Make Waves 3 already, most for the obvious reasons. But Jessica Jung “听不懂”-ing her way through the show is not the only big story to come out of the premier. Taiwanese idol Cyndi Wang has also blasted back into public consciousness on the back of a trend of viral videos showing middle-aged men dancing along to her introductory stage from the show.

Cyndi Wang was one of the biggest stars in Asia during the 00s, singing, dancing and acting her way into Asia’s heart. Songs like “Honey“, “First Love“, and “Love You” vaulted her into stardom, where she went on to star in hit Taiwanese dramas like Smiling Pasta and what not. Even though she’s had a fair share of ups and downs in career, she has remained a beloved personality in Asian pop.

After her performance of “Love You” on Episode 1, the video clip and related hashtag hit 400+ million views on Weibo. Her songs dominated the QQ Hot Song charts almost immediately, as well. Her popularity on the show is so fierce that fans have threatened to dump shares of the media company if she gets eliminated.

If “Love You” sounds familiar, that’s because it’s a mandarin cover of Papaya‘s Listen To My Word or maybe more contemporarily Oh My Girl‘s A-ing. “Honey” also has Korean roots as a Mandarin rewrite of Lee Jung Hyun‘s Summer Dance.

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