Actually a few songs that were on the cusp of greatness that I could see others really enjoying.


BLANK2Y – “Thumbs Up”

This is a new boy group debut.

I figure they know all of these fourth generation boy group songs sound the same, they just don’t care because it’s the safe and trendy route, and they’re prioritizing fandom building which they can do other ways than music.



Rather generic dance track that’s borderline annoying at times, but the “venom venom” repetition along with the rapid-fire delivery during the chorus has some appeal.



Most of what I dislike about modern hip-hop stylings as well as contemporary boy group stylings combined. A two-for-one! Funny thing is the Western-esque intro actually had me intrigued.


VICTON – “Stupid O’clock”

At one point the rapping felt like me trying to impersonate Huckleberry P at karaoke or something. That’s not what you want. The song is otherwise subtly groovy with a cool anti-drop execution, but that one section still takes me out a bit.


aespa – “Illusion”

This was relatively close to great for me, as the verses were dripping with attitude and the thumping bass carried things forward. But the amount of effort put into that chorus and post-chorus certainly seems as if they knew it was a pre-release or something and didn’t care enough to make it compelling, like they ran out of fucks to give halfway through.


JO YURI – “Love Shhh!”

While it sorta lacks a second gear instrumentally and I think her vocal is a bit too clean for this style, overall this is a very fun bit of pop-rock that’s effortlessly listenable and undeniably uplifting. Enjoying this trend from soloists, honestly.



As far as the generic girl crush sound goes, CLASS:y are probably doing it among the best out there. Like with their debut, this is a pretty good song and the memorable melodic notes within the bluster help elevate it. If this style of song is your thing, there’s no musical reason why they shouldn’t be on your stan list.


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