Quick Reviews: BTS returns with “Yet To Come”

BTS released the single “Yet To Come” from their anthology album Proof moments ago, which marks their first release of 2022, and … I mean at least fans can enjoy it, I think.

Not sure how to say this in a way that won’t inevitably get me hate for one reason or another, but it’s basically a throwaway song groups end an album with and only do just to put something over a picture/video compilation dedicated to fans. And maybe that is the purpose (perhaps doubling as a potential send-off song if they have to serve in the military), but just like with BIGBANG’s most recent effort, it doesn’t make the song itself any less generic.

Or as Hojo put it:

Sure, it’s not terrible because it almost can’t be, seemingly aiming to be as inoffensive as possible through nostalgic and melancholy tones. Really, the best part was by far the Touch The Sky reference as it led me to go listen to it.

Truthfully this deserves to be in the Rundown, but I know if I put it there all you animals will talk about is this and not the other artists.


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