LOONA’s Chuu reportedly set to leave Blockberry Creative & sign with BY4M Studio

LOONA member Chuu is reportedly set to leave Blockberry Creative and sign with BY4M Studios, who will manage her activities going forward.

As alluded to, a few months ago there were unconfirmed reports that Chuu had won a partial judgement against Blockberry regarding her contract and was granted an injunction.

As Orrery notes, Wikitree is indeed a questionable source and the fact that they were the only ones reporting it made things iffy, but they certainly seem credible now.

Additionally, at the start of June it was announced that Chuu wouldn’t be joining the group’s world tour, which I suppose was something to be concerned about after all.

While this is yet to be confirmed by anybody involved, it at least seems to be credible to some extent, especially when paired with rumblings of Chuu having a hard time with Blockberry.

Seems like as fair a time as any to bring up that Chuu might not be able to be Chuu again if she leaves the group due to Blockberry reportedly filing a trademark on her name.

Not sure where this would leave her in terms of LOONA, but I would assume she’d be unlikely to remain in the group, at least as we currently see. Unlike other scenarios where the group all had contracts up and reunite later with different companies, she’s essentially going off solo. But for now Chuu appears to be still in LOONA and I guess one hopes for the best in regards to cooperation between the companies.


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