Brave Entertainment denies that Eunji went to a shaman who foretold of Brave Girls’ belated rise

In what has to be one of the weirdest stories of the year, Brave Entertainment released a statement rejecting the claims of a shaman who said he predicted the rise of Brave Girls to member Eunji.

According to Brave Entertainment on June 24, “The claims that Brave Girls member Eunji went to get her fortunes told by a shaman is false.” Earlier, a shaman claimed that Eunji had come to him to get her fortune read on the first episode of ‘Idols Picked By The Gods’ from the YouTube channel ‘BABAYO.’ In the video, the shaman claimed that he had foretold Brave Girls’ belated success because Eunji came to him before. In response, Brave Entertainment explained, “We confirmed with Eunji herself and the claims turned out to be false.” The agency continued, “She has no idea who this shaman is and has never met him.” Finally, the agency concluded by saying, “We request an apology from the shaman as we are concerned about the secondary damages to Eunji and the fans who support her with a pure heart.”

This is so off the wall in terms of stuff to release an official statement for. If I had to guess maybe Eunji is getting backlash for going to a shaman or something so they want to cut that link publicly, but what the hell.

I mean, could use something ridiculous to laugh at nowadays.


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