Just an absolutely brutal week, to be honest.



Peppy but ultimately it doesn’t feel like it goes much of anywhere and there’s a lack of anything melodically appealing or hooky to get me to want to return to it.


Me:Us – “Wind”

I am glad the former Nine Muses duo of Moon Hyuna and Hyemi are staying around, even if it is for boilerplate city pop stuff.


ITZY – “Sneakers”

Not nearly as bad as everybody online in the buildup was leading me to believe it would be, but “I’m not like the other girls” song #3234 is not nearly catchy enough for me to care about.


BUSTERS – “Tropical Romance”

An attempt at a summer bop that was honestly a painful listen at times, honestly.


Hyolyn – “NO THANKS”

Don’t blame her for going with the whole unaffected, flat, repetitive droning choruses that seems to be the trend nowadays, as people clearly like it even if I don’t. That said, it’s still rather disappointing that she would choose a song that basically seems made for a sexy soloist who CAN’T sing.


NCT U – “Rain Day”

It’s not necessarily a vocally unique or impressive showing here, but it has a brisk rhythm to it at least, and fans should be able to eat it up since it’s a cautious and well-worn template.


ILY:1 – “Que Sera Sera”

A bland and pitchy version of early A Pink and Lovelyz.



Light and safe and sorta there in the background, but aside from the excellent “Rock With You”, their music output since the HYBE move has left me wanting.


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