Quick Reviews: HyunA continues to be wasted on listless “Nabillera”

Look, everybody is glad HyunA and DAWN escaped from Cube Entertainment and that their relationship has flourished, but the thing that hasn’t flourished since the move to P Nation is their discography.

Nabillera” is just the latest release from HyunA that is basically completely absent the effortlessly addicting hooks that made her a solo star to begin with, instead opting for a straight-faced, repetitive chorus set to a near sterile backing. Worse yet, all I can think of when hearing the song title is GFRIEND‘s amazing Navillera, which only made me want to go listen to that and cleanse my ears.

I’m not sure when, if ever, the ship with get righted here, but stuff like this is just a waste of her charisma and she deserves better material to work with.


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