NewJeans utilize nostalgia in more ways than one with interactive MV for “Hype Boy”

Following their surprise debut yesterday with “Attention”, NewJeans have followed up with another unique offering in an interactive music video for the song “Hype Boy“.

Obviously one should just follow along through the intro itself to get the whole experience, but there are versions for Minji, Hanni, Hyein, and Danielle and Haerin that effectively serve as a clever way for people to get familiar with the members following their sudden debut.

It’s a unique and fun process so far, and the main comparison I have for this concept is Girl’s Day over a decade ago with “Hug Me Once“.

Note: Shit doesn’t work anymore, but here’s the music video, the dance version, and the game version with different endings for each member.

As far as the song goes, NewJeans has continued down the path of basically being Vibes, The Group. It’s actually timed well since it goes against the trend, and this one could get more interesting over time.

It’s not necessarily a good thing that I’m far more interested in the creative vision at the moment, but it does buy more time for the sound to evolve (especially since we’re just two songs in).


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