Dancers for Hong Kong boy group MIRROR seriously injured after video screen falls on them

Dancers for boy band MIRROR were injured when a large screen fell onto the stage at the Hong Kong Coliseum. While the group was performing, the screen that appeared to be in the process of being lifted snapped at one end and then fell onto the dancers.

Obviously a graphic warning for video of the incident.

It’s being reported that one is in critical condition and another is stable.

Ambulances arrived about 10 minutes after the accident. The injured dancers were rushed to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, with one in serious condition and the other in stable condition.

Judging from other closer videos (again, seriously, massive warning), it’s a miracle that the dancer it fell directly on was not killed instantly in what is honestly horrifying viewing. Quite frankly, I’m not sure I believe initial reports that the dancer is not dead.

Terrifying and quite frankly the kind of thing that every person worries about when incidents like Wendy’s stage accident happened because it’s really the kind of negligence that the worst case scenario is only avoided by luck.


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