[Review] Broken By The Scream return with refreshing idol sound on “Kokoro Harebare Harebare”

BROKEN BY THE SCREAM (BBTS) is a unique crossover idol/metal group that debuted in January 2017, an outfit that can be described as the perfect chaotic mix of low and high screams. Add in some clean idol harmonies and vocals all while backed by a huge mix of metalcore and djent backing instruments, BBTS has made their own unique sound since their debut and continues to innovate on it.

Their newest album, ‘RISE Into CHAOS‘, will be releasing on July 20th in Japan and globally on July 27th, and the band has released a few singles for us to hear while promoting their newest member Nanaougi Tsubaki, who is replacing graduated member Kumanomido Yae. What better way to show off their idol vocals with a new MV for “Kokoro Harebare Harebare” that shows a different style of the BBTS formula, one that focuses much more on traditional Japanese idol melodic choruses, but with a splash of BBTS signature guttural lows and fry screams.

Starting off, I have to say this is one of their most addictive choruses from BBTS, with Ayame and Tsubaki playing off each other and then being bookended with Io and Kagura‘s screams. Everything from the backing track and the vocals leads you to think it’s a standard J-pop idol song until those screams come in and we get our first taste of this new sound. Each idol section ends with a different metal breakdown, some feeling more like a traditional metalcore breakdown and some almost deathcore like. My two favorites being the djent ending we get after the solo and the 8-bit break.

This song definitely shows a different side of BBTS in terms of being more cute and colorful, and the backing instruments really need to be applauded with how masterfully they’ve woven together riffs that fit each new melody. No matter if it’s Io’s guttural lows that the guitars match or the double bass that’s sprinkled into some of the idol choruses making them build in momentum, it all works.

BROKEN BY THE SCREAM continue to innovate with their unique sound, and I cannot wait to finally hear the rest of this album in it’s entirety. While their sound may not be as accessible for most, I still firmly believe everyone should give a few songs a try, as their harsh vocals shouldn’t be a barrier to entry but rather their charming point.


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