‘PD48’ alumni Chiba Erii named center for AKB48 single “Hisashiburi No Lip Gloss”

A bit of an update on Produce 48 alum Chiba Erii, who was recently named the center for AKB48‘s 60th single “Hisashiburi No Lip Gloss“.

“Being able to stand in the same spot as many amazing seniors have before me, is already shocking enough. I couldn’t help but shed tears. I’m really excited to be the center for such a milestone like the 60th single. I hope people that don’t know the current AKB48, will give the song a chance and end up liking it. I will do my best to lead the group.”

She’s come a long way since the survival show that, believe it or not, happened four years ago.

Is there any reason I’m posting this aside from the fact that slacker queen is now a center? No, but there doesn’t need to be another reason.


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