Past pic of YOUNITE’s Hyunseung making sexual overtones about TWICE’s Chaeyoung emerges

YOUNITE are a rookie boy group from Brand New Music that just debuted in April of this year, but thanks to member Hyunseung they’re trending for the wrong reasons.

A netizen recently brought up a past picture where he is looking up at what seems to be a sticker filter of TWICE‘s Chaeyoung in a skirt and includes the caption “kimochi”.

Unsurprisingly, he’s getting lit up for this, especially from TWICE fans. And thanks to the caption there’s no real shield possibility in terms of the intent. It’s honestly impressively stupid.


Brand New Music has responded, saying the picture was maliciously edited and they will be taking legal action.

We’ve confirmed that the image of our agency artist currently circulating social media was maliciously edited. As a result, we plan to take strong legal action for the spread of false information, defamation, personal attacks, insults, and malicious slander against our agency artist. If you find related instances, please refer to the bottom for mailing steps and send information to [email protected]. We thank fans for their endless love and support and request your active cooperation. Brand New Music will continue to work to no end to protect the interests of our agency artists in the future too.

It’s unclear what exactly they’re claiming is edited here, but TWICE fans don’t seem to be buying it.


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