Korean translator & interpreter explain the obvious about the lyrics of NewJeans’ “Cookie”

Honestly, this is just more of an awareness post of what’s going on than anything else, as I don’t think anybody who reads this site is naïve enough to believe the NewJeans song “Cookie” is actually about baking cookies or whatever as some would have you believe. However, it’s gaining a bit more traction in Korea now with professional translators and interpreters releasing videos basically hand-holding people through it.

Specifically, the latter video had an article written about it, which highlights how it basically explains in detail what many have been saying about the song all along.

In the video, interpreter Kim Taehoon revealed his thoughts on the lyrics after saying, “I decided to make a video because I think they should be more careful when giving lyrics to underage singers.” He said, “It is true that the word ‘cookie’ in the lyrics means female private parts.” He said, “If you ask someone who speaks English fluently to hear this song and ask if it’s sensual, they’ll say 100 if it’s on a hundred.” He said, “When the explanation came out and they claimed that the members were pouring out their hearts baking cookies, I went ‘Huh?'”. Interpreter Kim Taehoon added, “If I baked cookies with common sense, why would I tell people ‘come and take a lookie’?” He said, “They had a planning that was airtight and success-guaranteed, why would they risk pulling something weird like that?” He said, “There must have been people who were fluent in English in Hybe and Adore. If this song was sung by people who are all adults I’d just look like a Confucian boy [complaining about it]. While lyrics with such a s**** metaphor are common in the pop scene these days, the problem is that young children are singing it. Imagine how hurt they must be to have this kind of controversy stuck on them the moment they debut?” Then he said, “If it’s really not done intentionally, maybe they need to improve the system.”

I think at least we can wrap up the deluded defense that there’s some magical translation error that makes it so only Koreans can understand how this is actually innocent or whatever.

Though I suppose if one convinced themselves of that prior to this then hearing this probably won’t sway them either, so this is just petty dunking on my part … and I’m okay with that. Anyway, sure hope none of them get sued or whatever for telling the truth.


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